Waiting for Spring

Snow? Seriously, another snow.

April can be such a frustrating month for an outdoors-woman in Colorado. We had a day of the most beautiful sunshine last week. The trees have started to bud. Crocuses are squeezing out all wet and bright green to catch a few rays in the cool air. Even my strawberries and mint are boldly turning a green leaf to the cold and saying “The calendar says Spring, so here we are ready or not!”

I wish I was as strong. The waiting for a glimpse of daffodil is truly driving me crazy. Can I stand another day of snow when all I really want is to be in the sun digging warm dirt?

Spring in Colorado is a lesson in patience for me. I’m such an instant-gratification girl that this dance between sun and snow tests the limits of my endurance.

But would I be happy in a place where there is no hide-and-seek with the sun? You think maybe I should live in Hawaii, don’t you? I often tell my husband that.  But he loves late-season snowboarding, and he reminds me that when the sun is here to stay we’ll appreciate it all the more for the waiting.

April showers bring May flowers, right? It’s just that in Colorado those showers often turn to snow. Still, the ground is getting spongy and any day I’ll get the call that fresh asparagus is waiting for my knife.

And that day, whether it’s warm or not, I’ll make an asparagus frittata shaped like the sun.

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