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A Gathering of People Who Love Plants

Reading about herbs here on as well as in The Herb Companion magazine is a great way to pick-up fresh ideas and inspiration. Another is to join The Herb Society of America, an organization founded 75 years ago by a group who wished to learn more about herbs and their uses, and to share what they learned with others. Today, HSA includes 2,300 members who meet in smaller, regional units.

This past weekend, HSA marked its 75th Anniversary by hosting its annual meeting in Boston. Hundreds of members attended to listen and learn from speakers, exchange knowledge and ideas, celebrate the past, and plan the future. I was happy to be among them.

One of the things I enjoy most about events like these is their spirit–an excitement in the air that goes beyond enthusiasm for the event itself. Attendees feel connected through their love for plants, nature and the “web of life.” The person who sits beside you at a workshop or dinner, or who stands next to you admiring a tour garden, instantly becomes your friend.Keynote speaker Holly Shimizu, executive director of the U.S. Botanic Garden ( in Washington, D.C., addressed the critical role plants play in sustaining all life, and asked: Why are plants not valued by our modern world? Those of us who love plants must advocate for them–by promoting the use of native plants; sustainable landscapes; organic methods; and water, soil and habitat conservation.

On Saturday evening, HSA recognized eight inspirational members–all plant advocates in some way–for their valuable contributions, many of them spanning decades. To learn more about them, The Herb Society, and how you can become an herbal advocate, visit

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description: * Herb Society of America meets in Boston June 26-28 to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. Keynote speaker Holly Shimizu urges members to advocate for plants.

  • Published on Jul 1, 2008
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