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Herbal Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mothers Day is coming up. (It’s Sunday, May 8th if you haven’t been paying attention.) My family has always tried to celebrate with a day dedicated to the garden (a great way to get kids involved with nature), but every mother wants something different. If you don’t already have that special day planned out, consider a few suggestions.


Sometimes the best gift is the chance to take a breath and let go of all the tension you carry around in the daily grind. If the mothers in your life take on more than their share of stress and worry, offer some homemade herbal lotion or massage oil and a chance to indulge, either together or as a private siesta. Take care of something you know has been bothering her or a task she’s been dreading to cross at least one thing off her to-do list.

• Marvelous Mint for Body, Bath and Hair
• Pamper Your Peds
• Herbal Facial Cream
• Calming Massage Oil
• Smooth Away Headaches Massage Oil
• Happy Feet Massage Oil

An herbal arrangment is an aromatic version of a traditional Mother’s Day bouquet.
Photo by Sarah Gilbert/Courtesy


Flowers are a traditional choice, but try not to cut her favorite garden blooms off for your well-intentioned bouquet. Instead, order an organic arrangement, gift a living plant, or present her with the aromatic sprigs of an herbal bouquet. Herbal arrangements add gentle aromatherapy to the air and can be easily customized for every mother. You might think about favorite culinary pursuits, colors, textures, or the language of flowers.


Offer to cook a meal for her (or with her!). Preparing food is one of my favorite ways to express my love for friends and family, and it easily lends itself to the time and conversation that build and re-affirm the most important relationships in your life. These fresh spring recipes make for delicious dishes you’ll all enjoy. 

• Tex-Mex Fish Wraps
• Grilled Halibut Salad with Mango and Mint
• Papaya Sorbet

If all else fails, make an effort to visit, call or send an email to let your mother know you’re thinking of her. That little bit of recognition and time can be more meaningful than any concrete gift you could think up.

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  • Published on May 3, 2011
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