Herbal Cures for Diabetes

You can combine diet and exercise with these herbal cures for diabetes in order to lower your blood sugar naturally.

| November/December 2003

Manage this devastating disease with exercise, a nutritious diet and these herbal cures for diabetes.

Discover Herbal Cures for Diabetes

Each day, approximately 2,700 people are diagnosed with diabetes. About 1 million people aged 20 years or older will be diagnosed this year.
—American Diabetes Association

Harry is now 73, but he was 50 when his blood sugar began creeping up. At each annual physical, it was a bit higher. His doctor would watch the sugar level and tell Harry, “By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to lose some weight.” Finally, after 13 years, Harry’s blood sugar levels exceeded the boundary for diabetes, and Harry was officially diagnosed.

Although Harry had heard the scare stories about diabetes (his uncle had gone blind and lost a foot), Harry felt just fine, so he ignored the warnings. His doctor prescribed a drug to reduce blood sugar, which Harry took haphazardly. His blood sugar continued creeping ever upward.

After a few years, Harry noticed he didn’t have the zip he once had. But then again, he was getting older. His feet tingled a bit sometimes, and cuts and sores didn’t heal very quickly. Perhaps most worrisome, he wasn’t up to the bedroom experience the way he used to be. You’d think Harry would have clued in to these problems, but it seemed easier to ignore them—for a while.

The inevitable day finally came when the doctor suggested insulin. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Harry could tolerate anything but the needle. So Harry came to me to see what we could do. After some discussion, we determined the first goal was to push the blood sugar down as fast as possible to avoid the insulin. Harry agreed to dietary revisions and herbal medicines (outlined below) to avoid insulin.

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