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Herb-Inspired Father’s Day Gifts

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<p>An herbal-themed gift basket will make a great present for your dad this Father’s Day. Whether he’s a cook, a gardener or enjoys an occasional spa day, giving him a variety of treats that incorporate herbs will make his day complete. Check out some herb-inspired gifts to include in your Father’s Day gift basket this year.<br />
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<p>Your gift basket can be simple, inexpensive and still include a variety of gifts that cater to your dad’s interests. For example, my dad enjoys cooking with herbs from his garden, and his favorite snack is a cheese sandwich with a little Roma tomato and fresh basil (<em>Ocimum basilicum</em>). He grows basil in his garden, but he’s always looking to try a new cheese to put on his sandwich. I found this recipe for an <a href=””>herbed cheese</a> that makes a wonderful spread on crackers and I plan on making the cheese or including the recipe in his basket. Here are a few ideas for herbal-themed treats to put in your Father’s Day gift basket.</p>
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<strong>• Make a botanical card:</strong> Create your own paper, embedded with bits of plants and delicious herbal scents. For instructions, read <a href=””>Easy-To-Make Herbal Cards</a>.<br />
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<strong>• Herbal tea:</strong> Give your dad a variety of herbal infused teas such as chamomile (<em>Matricaria recutita</em>), yerba mate, peppermint <em>(Mentha piperita</em>) or green tea (<em>Camellia sinensis</em>).</p>
<strong>• Herbal fragrances for men:</strong> Make your dad bath salts, potpourri or an air freshener. For recipes read <a href=””>Herbal Scents for Men</a>.  <br />
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<strong>• Chocolates: </strong>
<a href=””>Exotic chocolates</a> flavored with herbs, such as lavender honey, garden mint and much more are great gifts for dad.</p>
<strong>• A book for the gardener:</strong> Nancy Arrowsmith’s book, <em>Essential Herbal Wisdom</em> is a great gift for a gardener. Read this <a href=””>review</a> for more information. <br />
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These are just a few treats to fill your Father’s Day gift basket. I’m interested to hear what herbal-themed gifts you would give to your dad. Please share by leaving a comment.</p>

  • Published on Jun 15, 2009
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