Herb basics: Natural Remedies from Bad Breath to Tummy Aches

Make your own mouthwash from common kitchen herbs

| May/June 1998

  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger

  • Parsley is more than a pretty garnish: It also battles bad breath.

Weighing in on Dose

Ever wondered how the recommended doses of herbs and supplements are determined? Herb manufacturers base dosage on a 150-pound adult, which is considered an average for both men and women, says Beth Davis, education director for ZAND Herbal Formulas.

But you may want to adjust the dose if you weigh 25 percent more or less than 150 pounds—that is, if you weigh less than 112 pounds or more than 187 pounds, says Davis. She offers this simple way to calculate your individualized dosage:

Divide your body weight by 150. Take the result and multiply it by the recommended daily dose. The ­answer is your new, ­adjusted dose.

For example, if you weigh 300 pounds and the recommended dose is three tablets:

300 ÷ 150 = 2 and
2 ¥ 3 = 6, so you could take up to six tablets.

Or, if your child weighs 50 pounds and the recommended dose is three tablets:

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