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Have a Healthy Period: Organyc Organic Cotton Tampons, Pads and Panty Liners

We work hard to keep pesticides and other dangerous chemicals out of our foods and cosmetics, yet we often overlook products that we have the most intimate bodily contact with. If you demand organic cotton for your clothing, linens and mattresses, be sure you’re using organic cotton tampons, too. Most feminine hygiene products today are created from a blend of pesticide-laden cotton, rayon, viscose and polypropylene, and many are bleached with chlorine and scented with skin-irritating fragrances. Although it might seem discouraging to shell out a few extra bucks on an organic product you’ll use for a matter of hours, consider this: feminine hygiene products are designed for one of the most absorptive parts of a woman’s body, so using conventional tampons and pads allows pesticides and dioxins, a byproduct of rayon, to easily enter your body.

Organyc’s line of organic cotton feminine hygiene products includes organic tampons, pads and panty liners. Organyc also makes wet wipes and intimate washes. Photo Courtesy Organyc.

For a healthy, eco-friendly period, check out Organyc‘s line of organic cotton tampons, pads and panty liners, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards. In addition to being free of pesticide residue, Organyc’s products are chlorine-free, compostable and biodegradable, and free of any dyes or perfumes.

Organyc’s line covers a variety of needs. Tampons are available both with and without applicators and come in both regular and super absorbency, and Organyc’s pads and panty liners are designed for light to heavy flows. Organyc also produces alcohol-free wet wipes made with calendula and chamomile and a moisturizing, SLS-free intimate wash.

Luckily, you won’t have to travel far to find these organic feminine products. Major retailers such as Target, CVS and Duane Reade carry Organyc’s products, which range in price from $5 to $6 for a 14-unit box of tampons, box of 10 pads or box of 24 panty liners. Next time your “time of the month” rolls around, treat your body right and reach for a box of these organic cotton feminine hygiene products.

  • Published on Sep 15, 2010
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