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Healthy Liver Diet: Cool Liver Inflammation Tea

<em>Makes 2 cups</em>
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This tea reduces inflammation and helps with acute stages of hepatitis.</p>
<li>1 teaspoon dandelion root, raw or dried (not roasted)</li>
<li>1 teaspoon artichoke leaves</li>
</sup> teaspoon Oregon grape root (<em>Mahonia aquifolium</em>)</li>
</sup> teaspoon licorice</li>
</sub> teaspoon turmeric (<em>Curcuma longa</em>)</li>
</sup> teaspoon fresh gingerroot (<em>Zingiber officinale</em>)</li>
</sub>  teaspoon gentian root (<em>Gentiana lutea</em>)</li>
</sub> cups water</li>
<li>Simmer the herbs and water for 45 minutes.</li>
<li>Steep the herbs for 15 minutes, strain and drink 1 cup of the tea two times daily.</li>
<li>The herbs will be bitter, a property associated with their cooling effect. For sweetness, add 3 to 7 g of licorice, which also has an antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect.</li>
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<em>Beth Baugh has been the managing editor for ten books on botanical medicine and has been involved in the herb industry for almost thirty years. Christopher Hobbs, L.Ac., is the author of</em> Herbal Remedies for Dummies (<em>IDG, 1998) and many other books. Together, Christopher and Beth have an herbal correspondence course called Foundations of Herbalism; visit</em>
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  • Published on Jan 21, 2010
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