The Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

The health benefits of cayenne pepper range from treating skin conditions to relieving internal irritation. It’s an active ingredient in pain-relieving creams to treat shingles and can also help with digestive pain.

| March 2014

  • Growing herbs at home allows readers to take an active role in their own health care. And, with "Grow It, Heal It" by Christopher Hobbs and Leslie Gardner, it's easy to grow an instant herbal remedy in a simple windowsill, container, or small space.
    Cover courtesy Rodale Books
  • Full sun, hot weather and a long growing season is necessary in order reap the health benefits of cayenne pepper.
    Photo courtesy Christopher Hobbs and Leslie Gardner

Herbs can help treat many conditions from burns and scrapes to diabetes, hypertension and more. By learning how to grow herbs and create herbal remedies, you can treat everything from minor injuries to long-term conditions. In Grow It, Heal It (Rodale Books, 2013), herbalists Christopher Hobbs and Leslie Gardener provide descriptions and DIY medical uses for more than 50 herbs. The following excerpt describes the health benefits of cayenne pepper.

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DIY Cayenne Pepper Remedies

Cayenne- and Ginger-Infused Oil Recipe
Pain-Relieving Cream Recipe

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Capsicum annuum

Family: Solanaceae

Talk about popular herbs—this one is hot. Cayenne peppers were carried back to Europe from Columbus's travels to the New World. Its primary constituent, capsaicin, is the active ingredient in personal protection sprays and animal repellents. Numerous varieties of Capsicum have been developed or selected: Some peppers are fiery hot, like Thai chiles, and some are quite mild, like the bell pepper. Paprika spice is derived from a related species, and C. frutescens is the source material for Tabasco sauce.

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