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Case Studies: Headache Tea

<p>Brew this headache tea for immediate migraine relief, or on a regular basis to reduce the incidence of headaches.</p>
<li>Lemon balm (<em>Melissa officinalis</em>)</li>
<li>Chamomile (<em>Matricaria recutita</em>)</li>
<li>Linden (Ti<em>lia ¥europaea</em>)</li>
<li>Steep equal parts of the herbs in water for 20 minutes.</li>
<li>Drink a cup two to three times a day as needed, especially before bedtime.</li>
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<em>Christopher Hobbs’s case studies are gleaned from his thirty years of studying and practicing herbalism. Hobbs, a fourth-generation botanist and herbalist, is the creator of the new correspondence course Foundations of Herbalism. Visit his website at</em>
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  • Published on Jan 19, 2010
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