A Natural Approach to Body and Hand Care

Sponsored by Derma E
July 2018


Beauty is not only skin-deep! When it comes to healthy skin care, facial care has been at the forefront. However, what about the rest of the body? With everyone pampering his or her face with an array of age preserving products, it’s time we start caring about everything below the neck. Skin is the body’s largest organ with three major functions: protection, regulation, and sensation. With such important roles, it’s only right that we take care of our skin by taking a natural approach to body care.

The skincare market is oversaturated with “luxury” products that contain harmful synthetic ingredients. The most common ingredients include petrochemicals, aluminum, phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetic colors, and scents. All of these additives can induce skin irritation or possibly contribute to long-term health issues.


It’s time to start loving the skin you’re in by switching to natural body care. Natural products are formulated with natural ingredients without any addition of synthetic blends. Using natural body lotions will smell better, make your skin feel softer and are better for your overall health. Those with sensitive skin and skin conditions will greatly benefit from using natural products that gently and safely moisturize and replenish skin.


When thinking about body care, don’t forget about your hands. Hands tend to be the most overlooked body part, yet they are just as important as the rest of the body. They are one of the most exposed and overworked parts of the body. They are also one of the areas of our body to show the first signs of age! With harsh city water and environmental stressors, our hands are put through the ringer. So don’t forget to give your hands a little TLC by keeping a natural hand lotion nearby.  

Beware, not all products labeled as “natural” are truly natural. Make sure to always read the label before purchasing. It’s important to remember that your skin is covered in microscopic pores that are an entry point for these toxic chemicals to seep into.  Sticking to a natural skin and body care routine will help your skin look and feel healthier than ever.