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What’s Your Favorite Way to Decorate Pumpkins?

It seems like every time I go to the grocery store, the small mound of tiny tangerine pumpkins exponentially grows into a tower like form, with a few casualties rolling into the parking lot! Ever since I was little, my mom would bring home a miniature pumpkin from the grocery store for me to decorate.

Although I’m not sure where the time went, Halloween is a few weeks away and my kitchen table already has a few pumpkins on it. In the past, I’ve painted and carved pumpkins. This year it is pumpkin candleholders.

Pumpkin Candleholders:


• Permanent marker
• Craft knife
• Grapefruit knife
• Hot glue gun (optional)


• 4 dinner candles (substitute tealight candles for a different look)
• 4 miniature pumpkins


1. Place one of your candles on the center of the pumpkin and trace around the candle with the permanent market.

2. Using the craft knife, cut around the circle you just drew. You will want to cut about an inch to an inch and a half into the pumpkin if you are using dinner candles and about a half an inch for tealight candles.

3. Go around the cut out area with the grapefruit knife. This will extract the cut out section.

4.  If you are using dinner candles, it is recommended that you put a few drops of hot glue to ensure that the candle doesn’t come out of the pumpkin holder. If there are gaps between the pumpkin and the candle, place hot glue into the space.

Leave me a comment and let’s chat about your favorite pumpkin decorations.

  • Published on Oct 9, 2009
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