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Host a Workout Party

Combine the fun and support of small group workouts with the convenience of at-home fitness by hosting a workout party.

1.Make sure there’s plenty of room. Pick a spot that will allow everyone to move around freely, without accidentally poking neighbors with a wayward elbow. If needed, clear a room of furniture or head outdoors to make sure everyone has the space they need.

2.Choose an appropriate workout for everyone. Does your group want to stretch and gain balance? Build muscle or burn calories? Get an idea of what kind of exercise and intensity guests prefer. Check out the useful apps and home programs above — many offer customizable options for a variety of fitness levels. Another benefit of a group? More experienced friends can help others.

3.Create a kid-friendly area. Home workouts are great for parents. If your group includes parents, encourage them to bring children along, and make a space for younger guests to play while the grown-ups burn calories.

4.Set up a post-workout recovery bar. Plan snacks and drinks to replenish your group post-workout. Make a pitcher of infused water with fruit or herbs, or assemble a make-your-own smoothie station. Protein-packed snacks such as roasted nuts are another good option. Find an easy recipe: motherearth

5.Make it a regular event. Consider turning your workout party into a regular get-together. Pick a day and time, and rotate houses or divide prep duties among your group. If your group feels disciplined, consider finding a structured workout plan to go through together.

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  • Published on Apr 14, 2016
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