Spring-inspired Essential Oil Recipes

Looking for some new essential oil scents to match the season? Start with these suggestions!

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As the color and freshness of spring flourishes around us, the bright aroma of fragrant botanicals delights the senses. The air turns sweet, trees and flowers blossom, and the garden sprouts. Spring is an inspiring time to freshen our home and daily routines with the natural delight of essential oils. Versatile and useful, essential oils are a wonderful staple for natural recipes for the body, cleaning solutions, and aromatherapy. With so many uses and scents to choose from, where does one start? We are here to help!

It may help to understand what essential oils actually are before using them in recipes. Essential oils are the volatile aromatic oils produced by plants. Imagine fresh lemon balm leaves warming in the sun, rubbing rosemary between the palms of your hands, or bringing lavender flowers to your nose for a deep inhalation. Plants create resins and oils to attract pollinators, warn predators, and to protect themselves against disease. The product you buy called "essential oil" is this aromatic substance concentrated through various methods. Because they are highly concentrated, using them with care and in small quantities is best. Their potency can easily be diffused with carriers like water, oil, beeswax, or botanical butters. And the options are endless!

Here are some fragrant recipes to help get you started with your own spring-inspired essential oil creations. Enjoy!

April Flowers Diffuser Blend

Essential oil in dropper bottle