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Conner Hats: Helpful Headgear for Your Outdoor Adventures

Nature just seems closer to your doorstep when you live in Kansas. And whether it’s a sunny, warm day or a gray-sky winter afternoon, there’s nothing like taking an outdoor adventure across the prairie, up a flinty hill, or in the creek bottoms. But before you take a step, it’s important to travel prepared. This includes packing a hat, an overlooked essential that many of us forget.

Conner Hats, an Australia-based eco-friendly company, knows the importance of a well-made outdoor hat. They’ve crafted numerous ones that keep your noggin protected and looking good for any adventure you may take, whether you’re at the beach or up in the mountains. We had the chance to experience Conner Hats’ well-made products for ourselves: on a rainy day in the woods, day-to-day work on the farm, and a blustery afternoon on the wetlands. 

Why Wear a Hat

Before jumping into our Conner Hats experience, here are a couple reminders on why it’s important to bring some headgear on your next trip:

Prevents heat from escaping: It is important to keep your body heat, and a hat does just that for your head. Conner Hats are made of high-quality materials made for the outdoors, and are able to keep your head warm during those cold days.

  • Protects skin from sun: Protecting your face from sun exposure is very important; aside from wearing sunscreen, a hat can prevent sun damage during a long hike. Conner Hats are designed for the outdoors and provide a good amount of shade.
  • Protects from bugs and debris: Hats have the very practical advantage of protecting your hair and head from any tumbling branches while outdoors, or from the curious insect who wants to say hello.
  • Extra storage space: Some hats come with small pockets built into the material, as you’ll read later about one of our Conner Hats, in which you can keep small belongings while outdoors. When you’re traveling, a hat is an additional storage space, too. You can tuck gloves, scarves, or other traveling objects into the hat when you’re not wearing it.
  • Preserves visibility: Whether it’s your hair dangling in your eyes, rain splashing in your face, or the sun keeping you from seeing the trail, a hat helps with all of that. You can tuck hairs up to keep them from escaping; a brimmed hat will act like an umbrella and shield your face from rain; and just like if you were to hold a hand up to block the sun, a hat brim will do the same thing– without the added strain on your arm.
  • Fun style: It might sound like the least important point, but feeling comfortable while hiking is important, and wearing a hat can look great and provide that overall hiking look.

Rainy Days on the Job

If you’ve watched our video, Hiking for Beginners, you probably noticed all the rain we had to battle while filming. Yes, we were cold and wet, but we were also pleased by how well our Conner Hats did in the rain! To give you an idea, the rainfall began almost immediately into our filming project and didn’t stop until after we left, which was about three hours in total. And throughout that whole time, we kept our hats tightly on our heads, letting the rain roll off the brims instead of soaking our hair. Despite it being a difficult day for outdoor filming, we had such a fun time delivering content to our viewers, and also appreciating how well our hats shielded our heads and faces.

Life on the Kansas Prairie

Living out in the Kansas prairie requires a lot of time outdoors, and having the right type of hat is an essential part of my routine. I find myself hiking, gardening, and doing other outdoor chores, exposing me to the elements. Finding the right hat-wear that could be versatile for all of the activities I enjoy was accomplished with Conner Hats. The Country Wool Outdoor Hat, made  from 100 percent Australian waterproof wool, is UPF 50+, and it was made responsibly with our planet in mind.

My country hat is a fun wardrobe piece that I have worn out in the rain and during our Thanksgiving gatherings. I am certain this is a classic piece made to last and ready for the many adventures I have coming up. Conner Hats has thought about everything, including a secret pocket inside the hat, where you can hide a key or an important small item you might need to keep dry and out of your hands.

I have worn my hat for several weeks now, and I can trust the handmade quality of Conner Hats. From the leather hat band and chin chords, to the warmth it provided during our hiking video for Mother Earth Living. I’m looking forward to the use of my hat on my next hiking adventure!

Successful Hike onthe Windy Wetlands

A wide expanse of wetlands exist south of my home in Kansas, and on days when I need to spend some time in nature by myself, I’ll drive out there and hike the trails. Recently, I brought my Conner Hat along to test it out in the elements. The Bounty Hunter Water Resistant Cotton Hat definitely looks the part: a wide-brimmed, durable hat made to look weather-worn with its faded brown surface. I can just picture someone effortlessly slipping it onto their head with one hand and walking off into the sunset. It’s a hat that screams “adventure.” Additionally, it’s responsibly made, thanks to Conner Hats’ deep belief in planet-friendly production.

This bounty hunter hat came with me on the wetland trails. With all the pictures I took that day, it’s hard to forget how cold and cloudy it was, especially with the wind whipping around and changing directions. Not long after I started walking, I found the cold air making things difficult for my ears and neck especially, but this hat provided the solution. With its adjustable brim, the bounty hunter hat could bend its back brim over my exposed neck area and fold its sides down over my ears to keep both areas protected. Even when the wind picked up, I didn’t feel a threat of losing my hat, thanks to its snug hold on my head and the added assurance of the adjustable chin cord.

After spending a great afternoon hiking the wetlands, I was pleased to find that my Conner Hat kept my head warm and protected on that blustery day — and it’s definitely coming with me on my next outdoor adventure!

We want to send Conner Hats a huge thank-you for making this experience possible. We have enjoyed our hat adventures and hope you can take our hiking tips out on your next outing! We encourage beginners to plan accordingly and remember to have fun. Even if you are surprised by a little bit of rain! We made the most of our time, and our proper gear made our experience that much better. Until next time!

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
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