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A Guide Comparing Organic and Conventional Christmas Trees

Learn about comparing organic and conventional Christmas trees and the differences between organic and Christmas tree lot trees.

On Christmas morning when the family is gathered around the tree, the last thing on your mind is pesticides. Unfortunately, many tree farming practices degrade the environment and disrupt natural ecosystems. A few Christmas tree growers, however, challenge these conventional practices by foregoing harmful chemicals. This guide helps you when comparing organic and conventional Christmas trees.

Christmas tree farming is a long-term commitment because a tree takes six to ten years to mature. Some natural growers include:

Clover Hollow Christmas Tree Farm: Newport, Virginia.

Glen Ayre Tree Farm: Mitchell County, North Carolina.

Nature’s Own Farm: Marshall, North Carolina.

Texas Organic Nursery & Christmas Tree Farm: Mexia, Texas.

  • Published on Nov 1, 2003
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