Case Studies: Sprained Hip

Heal sprains, scrapes, and bruises quickly with herbs.

| July/August 1998

Helen limped into my office holding her hip. “Now I know what it’s like to grow old,” she said, and groaned as she settled into a chair in the waiting room.

She had tripped on a crack in the sidewalk while rollerblading with her son.

“I lost my balance and hit the pavement,” Helen said. “I think I bounced three or four times!”

Following the sound advice of her neighbor, a chiropractor, she applied a cold pack to her hip for the first twenty-four hours, then began alternating hot and cold packs. This had helped, but she was still in a lot of pain.

I examined her injured hip, which was black and blue in one spot, and saw that she had some nasty scrapes on her thigh. I carefully flexed her leg, and she winced when I got to a certain point. Her hip was definitely sprained.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), vital energy (qi) and blood become stagnant at pain sites. Helen’s pulse was “tight,” signifying that she had stagnation in her hip, so I gave her an acupuncture treatment to move the blocked blood and qi. I then applied some St.-John’s-wort oil to her thigh, explaining that it would reduce the pain of her scrapes and speed their healing.

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