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Build Your Immune System With Herbs

By Staff

Learn how to build your immune system the herbal way. The abuse and overuse of antibiotic medicines and antibacterial products have turned the war on germs into a war on humankind as once-common bacteria and viruses mutate to new levels of resistance. You may not be able to avoid the onslaught of bacteria, viruses and other germs capable of wreaking havoc in your body. But you can take the offensive by revving up your immune system so your body can more effectively resist whatever disease comes your way.

Build Your Immune System with Herbs

Below we show you how to boost immune system functionality; which plants will support healthy immune function; how to use and grow these herbal healers; how to prevent the onslaught of winter colds; recipes that also fight the flu; immune aid for your furry friend; and more.

All About Powerful, Immunity-Boosting Plants

Healthy immune function starts with what you feed your body, and herbs can support your immune system on a long-term basis.

Prevent and Treat Winter Colds

The signs don’t lie: scratchy throats, nasal congestion, watery eyes. It is, indeed, the start of another cold. Fight back with herbal remedies.

Boost Immunity with Delicious, Gourmet Mushrooms

Mushrooms do more than add flavor to your favorite dishes. They can also help prevent cancer, infection and heart disease.

Even More Immunity-Boosting Content

+ Make Life Difficult for Disease
Uncover the secrets of adaptogens, effective herbs that help ward off disease and protect
your body from life’s everyday stresses.

+ Plant Profiles
There are many standout herbs that increase wellness. Learn more about echinacea,
, elder and ginseng.

+ Grow an Immunity Garden
This garden plan will help keep you sniffle-free.

+ Build Up Your Pet’s Immune System
Incorporate these herbs into your pet’s diet to help them resist illness.

+ Immunity-Boosting Winter Soup
This recipe includes nearly all of the most popular immunostimulant herbs: garlic,
astragalus, cayenne and more.

  • Published on Mar 18, 2020
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