Bringing Baby Home

Five common problems in infants and herbal remedies that can help.

| March/April 1997

Cradle Cap
Sleep problems 

A new baby's arrival is as warm and rejuvenating as the first day of spring. Parents and grandparents revel in the child’s beauty, adjust to make loving room for the newest family member, and dream of the happiest and best of futures.

This idyllic picture fades, however, when the infant acquires an unsightly rash, cries continuously at a high pitch, or runs a fever. Parents wonder whether something is seriously wrong with the baby, with them, or even with the whole idea of being parents.

To see a baby suffer is distressing, to say the least, yet it may reassure parents to learn that most of a newborn’s problems are not serious and are not a result of poor parenting. Some can be treated with herbal preparations. Below are a few common hurdles new parents may encounter, with suggestions for possible herbal approaches to treatment.

As parents, you are the primary providers of your child’s health care. Herbal remedies can safely be one part of a holistic approach to caring for your new baby, but like pharmaceutical drugs, they should be used cautiously and wisely. Never assume that a product is safe to use without restraint just because it is “natural”.

Currently, herbal products are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in the same way as pharmaceutical drugs, so standardization and quality control vary. The herbs mentioned in this article are generally regarded as safe for children at the recommended dosages.

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