Best Herbs for the Common Cold: Herbal Combination Cold Products

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Here is a sampling of commercial cold-fighting products that contain herbal combinations.

<p>It’s popular for manufacturers to combine two or more herbal remedies into one cold product. Perhaps the combination ­enhances the remedy’s effect. Research shows that some ingredients are effective when combined, whereas some combinations are formulated based on a history of use in traditional herbal medicine.</p>
<p>Germ-fighting herbs often included in commercial herbal cold formulas include burdock, lemon balm, pau d’arco, usnea, cayenne, cloves, osha, echinacea, garlic, Oregon grape, and goldenseal, plus vitamins C and A (an antioxidant that may help reduce infection rate).</p>
<p>Other herbs are included to ease congestion and coughs and soothe irritated membranes, such as white horehound, cleavers, barberry, bayberry, thyme, myrrh, licorice, slippery elm and white willow bark.</p>
<p>Herbs that help digestion and provide flavor include peppermint, ginger, cloves, chamomile, horseradish, and parsley. ­Immune-boosters include astragalus, reishi, schisandra, shiitake, echinacea, vitamin B6, propolis, and zinc.</p>
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<em>Linda B. White, M.D., is a freelance editor and writer with a focus on herbal healing.</em>
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