Aromatherapy Baths for Children

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Aromatherapy baths for children provide the same health benefits as aromatherapy baths for adults.

Learn about aromatherapy baths for children and use this essential oil bath recipe for sensitive children’s skin.

Aromatherapy baths are as good for children as adults, but smaller quantities of oil should be used. Even the mildest essential oil must always be well diluted to avoid getting any drops of undiluted oil on the child’s skin.

Use no more than the following amounts of essential oil when preparing aromotherapy baths for children:

• For children 5 to 12, add 2 to 4 drops of oil to the milk.
• For children 2 to 5, add 1 to 2 drops.
• For babies older than 3 months but less than 2 years, use just 1 drop.
• The essential oils (lavender, neroli and ylang ylang are good, gentle choices) should be diluted in 1 tablespoon of whole milk or goat’s milk before adding to the bath.
• Count out the drops of oil into a small bowl, add the milk, stir well and add to the bath water.

Source: England, Allison. Aromatherapy and Massage for Mother and Baby. Rochester, Vermont: Healing Arts, 2000.

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