A Quick Effective Pain Relief Method

Like so many natural wellness therapies, the MELT method (which stands for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique) began with a medical condition traditional methods couldn’t treat. MELT creator Sue Hitzmann was a fitness professional who suddenly began suffering from intense pain. Doctors and physical therapists couldn’t find a cause, so Hitzmann began researching manual and neuromuscular therapies. Hands-on bodywork gave her relief, and she changed her entire career focus from fitness to manual therapy. Over time, Hitzmann learned about emerging research about the connective tissues in our bodies, and how they can become, essentially, dehydrated. Hitzmann believes her method helps reinvigorate these tissues, and it can help alleviate many chronic ailments: chronic pain, headaches, low back pain, neck pain, insomnia, digestive problems and injury.

Since its introduction, the MELT method has spread across the country. Today, Hitzmann teaches classes in her New York studio, and has trained more than 1,300 MELT practitioners across the country. MELT is also used in hospitals and physical therapy offices.

Today, you can use the MELT method at home. I got a sample of this product, and it really does loosen up tight and painful areas! I’m a fitness enthusiast, but I also work an office job and spend quite a bit of time my car. This combination leads to frequent tightness and pain, which I typically combat with yoga. However, the MELT method targets the connective tissue more directly–more like massage than  yoga. With Sue’s video guidance, you can learn the method and maintain it in just 10 minutes a day, three to four days a week. Hitzmann believes this short frequent maintenance to our connective tissues can ward off an array of aches and pains, eliminating the need for reliance on NSAIDs, aspirin and other OTC pain relievers. Based on my experiment, I think so, too. 

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