Body & Soul: Infused Oils and Salves

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Healing or moisturizing salves and creams are a wonderful addition to your basket of tools, and they make wonderful gifts. Start by infusing an oil with a specific herb or an herbal blend (see instructions below). You can use this oil directly, or you can make it into a salve or cream. By stabilizing the oil with beeswax while making the salve, you increase the shelf life of the oil.

Salves are a gentle way to introduce someone to herbs. Some people are hesitant to eat or drink something new, but are fine with applying a small amount of salve to their skin.

How to Make an Infusion

• Infusion Methods: Solar, Double Boiler and Oven

Infusions Using Fresh Herbs

How to Make a Salve

Salve Recipes:
Best Baby Rash Salve
Carpenter’s Salve
Antifungal Wash or Salve

Adapted with permission from Earth Mother Herbal (Fair Winds, 2002) by Shatoiya de la Tour.

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