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Self-Care Tips for the Spirit

Courtesy Adams Media

Embrace family traditions, understand the law of attraction, and reconnect with your spiritual side for a healthy spirit.

Self-Care Tips for the Body

Courtesy Adams Media

Give yourself a foot massage, take a long, hot bath, and try a hot stone massage to restore your body.

Activated Charcoal’s Many Health Benefits

By Britt Brandon

Activated charcoal is good for more than just face masks.

The Overall Guide to Better Health for Women

By Tabitha Grace

Women’s health expert, Aviva Romm, is here to help readers take charge of their own well-being.


The Truth About Coconut Oil

By Micki Chestnut

Is this popular, saturated fat a miracle food or an overhyped fad?

Put on Some Weight for the Holidays

By Micki Chestnut

As these stressful and overindulgent holidays approach, turn to resistance training for weight management, stress reduction and improved overall health.

Guide to Winter Immunity

By Jessica Kellner

Fall and winter don’t have to be cold and flu season. Try these natural tips to improve your chances of fighting illness and staying healthy all year long.