Eco-Friendly Wedding Flowers

Reader Contribution by Jessica Kellner and Editor

This week found me starting my search for wedding flowers. I had the perfect plan straight from a past Natural Home article: Call a local “you pick” flower farm, go get a bunch of local, seasonal blooms, and have a big bouquet-making workshop with friends (actually, the farm featured in the article is just outside my town). Fun, local and less expensive than hiring a florist. I visited the farmer’s market last weekend for our weekly produce and stopped by the flower farms booth to talk about my plan. BAD NEWS: My wedding is scheduled for May 15th. The flower farm has nothing blooming by then! They said their earliest flowers are peonies, but they couldn’t guarantee them by that date. By May 20th, yes. May 15th, no. Oh geez. Plan in ruin.

I called around to a couple other places. Same story.

So now I’m back to the drawing board. I did locate a woman online yesterday who also owns a flower farm and has actually written a book on the subject of growing eco-friendly flowers. I’ve tried to make contact, so hopefully something will work out. I feel confident that there must be eco-friendly greenhouse growers in my area, but so far I haven’t had much luck finding them. Another potential option would be to use some beautiful flowering herbs, which mature more quickly than many flowers. Also on my potentials list is buying a grow light and growing my own flowers indoors. My fiance has a bit of a green thumb, but I have no idea how labor-intensive this might turn out to be. The same article from a past Natural Home also suggested this online organic flower company…a great option, though I would love to find something organic and local. I will keep you posted as my progress continues. Has anyone out there attempted to grow their own wedding flowers? Have other suggestions? Do let me know your thoughts, solutions, etc. I greatly appreciate help and feedback. ‘Til then…

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