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Fun with the White House

<p>Hello! After a new president takes office, much <a title=”media attention” href=”” target=”_blank”>media attention</a> always goes toward the redecorating of the White House. It’s a good sign in our troubled times that yesterday’s inauguration has been accompanied by calls to make the White House more efficient and eco-friendly. I’ve seen great <a title=”” greening=”” the=”” white=”” house”=”” suggestions”=”” href=”″ target=”_blank”>”greening the White House” suggestions</a> out there from a lot of sources, but…as the only major consumer magazine focusing exclusively on green homes, we have to weigh in! And we have some amazing resources that are <a title=”helping us put together a comprehensive list of ideas” href=”” target=”_blank”>helping us put together a comprehensive list of ideas</a>. We’ve contacted a bunch of our most expert and reliable contributors to collect their best ideas for the first step/most important considerations in creating an exemplary presidential home. But at Natural Home, many of our best ideas come from you, our readers! So we definitely want you to weigh in, as well. Our <a title=”10th Anniversary Issue in May/June” href=”” target=”_blank”>10th Anniversary Issue in May/June</a> will include all of our contributor and staff suggestions, along with the best reader suggestions we receive. <a title=”Weigh in with your ideas” href=”/forums/forum.aspx?boardid=116&g=posts&t=9330″ target=”_blank”>Weigh in with your ideas</a>!</p>

  • Published on Jan 21, 2009
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