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Create an Organized Home Apothecary

By Brittany Wood Nickerson 

Organize dry herbs, tinctures, tea blends, and other medicine-making basics in a way that honors both form and function.

An Introduction to Essential Oil Scents

by Cher Kaufmann

Let your senses take you through the aromas and feelings of essential oils.

4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Skin During Spring

Learn easy techniques for protecting your skin against sun damage this spring.

Causes and Prevention of Yeast Infections

By Dr. Leon Chaitow

Learn all about the causes of yeast infections and make necessary changes to prevent them from proliferating in the future.


Cultivating Confidence on the Farm

By Jessica Kellner

BoysGrow – a Kansas City nonprofit for teen boys – uses farming as the backdrop for an education in entrepreneurship, leadership, community, and more.

Self-Care Tips for the Spirit

Courtesy Adams Media

Embrace family traditions, understand the law of attraction, and reconnect with your spiritual side for a healthy spirit.

Self-Care Tips for the Body

Courtesy Adams Media

Give yourself a foot massage, take a long, hot bath, and try a hot stone massage to restore your body.

Activated Charcoal’s Many Health Benefits

By Britt Brandon

Activated charcoal is good for more than just face masks.