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Self-Care Tips for the Spirit

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Embrace family traditions, understand the law of attraction, and reconnect with your spiritual side for a healthy spirit.

Self-Care Tips for the Mind

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Take care of your mind by learning a different language, notice white lies, and give yourself a break if you can’t sleep.

Self-Care Tips for the Body

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Give yourself a foot massage, take a long, hot bath, and try a hot stone massage to restore your body.

Self Care Tips for Your Surroundings

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Go on a picnic, volunteer at a nursing home, and create a relaxation room to nurture your mind.


Treat Sensitive Teeth With Activated Charcoal

By Britt Brandon

Naturally care for your teeth with these DIYs.

Activated Charcoal’s Many Health Benefits

By Britt Brandon

Activated charcoal is good for more than just face masks.

The Ayurvedic Daily Routine Prescription

By Ananta Ripa Ajmera

This inspiring guide will give you healthy tips through the oldest healing system in the world.

The Overall Guide to Better Health for Women

By Tabitha Grace

Women’s health expert, Aviva Romm, is here to help readers take charge of their own well-being.