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Distilling Hydrosols (Video)

Learn all about the exciting process of distilling hydrosols to use them for cooking, cleaning, therapeutic, and enjoying their scents.

A Natural Approach to Body and Hand Care

Protect your skin by taking a natural approach to body care.

All About Hydrosols

Whether you’re a beginner to hydrosols or have used them for years, these steam-distilled aromatic waters are an accessible and enjoyable way for everyone to experience the therapeutic benefits of the natural world, and you can harness that ability in your own home. Here, learn all about hydrosols, how to create them, and ways to include them into your routines.

Recognizing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

By Melani Schweder

Learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of this debilitating ailment that’s difficult to understand.


Could-Do Calendar July 2018

Summer is a time to get outside, to get away, and to get inspired with ideas for health and happiness. Enjoy nature in full bloom. Spend a weekend at the lake. Or look below for more specific tasks to mark off your “could-do” calendar.

Could-Do Calendar August 2018

Before summer comes to an end, don’t forget to spend time outdoors with friends and family, or to soak up the sun during some restful alone time. If you want ideas on how to spend your warm days, this “could-do” calendar is the place to start.

Habit Trackers and Health and Wellness Journal

By Megan Rutell

Use a healthy eating guide and fitness tracker to record your personal health and wellness. Keep track of your eating habits as well as your energy levels for the month.

Starting a Bullet Journal and Using it Long-Term

By Megan Rutell

Learn how to begin a bullet journal and how to set it up. You can even create pages for long-term goals.