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Snacks to combat Brain Fog

By Julie Morris

Clear mental cobwebs with these healthful recipes and simple tips for mindful snacking.

21 Ayurvedic Practices for Transitioning into Autumn

By Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa

Incorporate these simple dietary and lifestyle choices into your cool-weather routine for a balanced, healthful season.

All-Purpose Pine

By Juliet Blankespoor

Add common pine to your winter medicine cabinet and enjoy its ability to soothe coughs, congestion, muscle pains, and more.

Fall in Love with Autumn

By Sarah Ivens, PhD

Embrace the seasonal changes around you and turn over a new leaf in your wellness.


Multi-Masking for Glowing Skin

Give yourself and your skin a relaxing rejuvenating treat without leaving the comfort of your home.

Distilling Hydrosols (Video)

Learn all about the exciting process of distilling hydrosols to use them for cooking, cleaning, therapeutic, and enjoying their scents.

A Natural Approach to Body and Hand Care

Protect your skin by taking a natural approach to body care.

All About Hydrosols

Whether you’re a beginner to hydrosols or have used them for years, these steam-distilled aromatic waters are an accessible and enjoyable way for everyone to experience the therapeutic benefits of the natural world, and you can harness that ability in your own home. Here, learn all about hydrosols, how to create them, and ways to include them into your routines.