Solar Chargers for Your iPhone and iTouch

Simply Brilliant introduces SOLiCharger for your Apple products.

| February 2009 Web

  • The SOLiCharger allows access the iTouch or iPhone while it is charging.
    Photo Courtesy of SOLlight

Simply Brilliant has released SOLiCharger, a solar charger for the iPhone and iTouch. The charger costs $39.95.

The SOLiCharger allows access the iTouch or iPhone while it is charging. The SOLiCharger powers the iPhone or iTouch in 1.5 hours; however, it only exerts enough energy to charge the product until it is half full. For this reason, it better as a back up charger rather than a primary charger.

The charger has a built-in solar panel and charges with four hours of sunlight. In addition to light, your computer can also charge the SOLiCharger. The SOLiCharger is great for traveling, camping or daily use as it’s compact and lightweight at just 1.4 ounces. No cords or adapters are necessary (SOLiCharger plugs into the Apple product). It is available in black and white and works with the 3G iPhone, the older model of the iPhone and the iTouch as well as select iPod models, depending on the connection size.

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