Simply Happy: Natural Home Interviews Wanda Urbanska

Wanda Urbanska, the "spokeswoman for the phenomenon known as the simplicity movement," offers a road map to a simpler life.

| November/December 2010

  • Wanda Urbanska
    Photo By Will and Deni McIntyre

The New York Times called Wanda Urbanska, host of the PBS television series Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska and the author of eight books on simple living, the “spokeswoman for the phenomenon known as the simplicity movement.” Her latest book, The Heart of Simple Living: 7 Paths to a Better Life, offers a road map to a life with fewer possessions—but more time, friends and meaning.

What’s the best thing about living simply? 

Not worrying about impression management or keeping up with the Joneses.

What’s the scariest simplification step you’ve taken? 

Quitting a good job to write full time. That was scary because it was financially risky, but it was creatively challenging. You learn to be creative when you’re on your own; you can absolutely learn to live on less.

Did it pay off? 

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