Put Your Life on a Diet: Living the Simple Life

One man shares his experience living simply in a 140-square-foot home.

| November/December 2009

  • When they're not enjoying a meal at the fold-away dining table, Gregory and Makur use it as office space.
    Photo By Alan Stoker
  • Gregory and Makur both volunteer for the Small House Society, the Small Car Society and their local United Nations Association.
    Photo By Alan Stoker
  • Gregory Paul Johnson, with fiancee Makur Jain, lives in a tiny house.
    Photo By Alan Stoker
  • When he's not using it, Gregory can tuck away his gas-powered Coleman camping stove, allowing his cooking space to double as the dining area.
    Photo By Alan Stoker

I live in a home of 140 square feet. It doesn’t have a furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer/dryer, vacuum cleaner, blender, disposal or other common home appliances. For most of my commuting, I walk or rely on a bicycle. My small home is completely off the electrical and water grids. Most people would say this is an impossible way to live, but the truth is, my transition to a simpler life has made me happier and healthier than I have ever been.

In 2001, I read about Jay Shafer, who at the time was living in a 10-by-14-foot home he built on a trailer. Shafer constructed the home using residential-grade materials and insulation for economical year-round habitation—something most RVs and camper trailers lack. This fusion of camper and house intrigued me.

In 2003, I needed a change. It didn’t make sense to rent a small apartment, never putting money toward owning a home. I imagined myself 30 years down the road, having spent thousands of dollars on rent with nothing to show for it. Once I stopped and thought about where my money was going, I began looking at my options for purchasing a small house or condo.

I discovered that, while efficiency apartments exist, efficiency condos are not as readily available. Local housing codes have made it illegal to build a small "efficiency house," deeming such a dwelling uninhabitable even though the same-size dwelling as an apartment is legal. Basically, I wanted the option to own a simple room like the one I was renting.

I felt strongly that it was important to be part of the small-house community and reduce my environmental footprint. I worked closely with Jay Shafer on the custom design of my house plans, and within three months I had built my home.

More time, more money

7/28/2015 10:16:11 PM

You should NEVER use a camping stove inside, especially in this small of a space. Without proper ventilation, Carbon Monoxide builds up. Carbon Monoxide is orderless, you may experience a headache or just feel sleepy. Too many people die in their sleep from this.

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2/11/2014 5:21:10 AM

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