Product of the Week: Kicking Horse Coffee

Fair Trade-certified, organic Kicking Horse Coffee has the perfect kick of flavor to awaken you and your taste buds.

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Kicking Horse Coffee carries three seals of approval: it’s 100 percent organic, Fair Trade-certified and has the EcoCert Canada label.

In Canada, Kicking Horse offers more than 15 options to choose from including Pacific Pipeline (light roast, heavy body), Kootenay Crossing (medium roast with a sweet, chocolaty flavor) and Hoodoo Jo (dark roast with sweet floral tones). A 1-pound bag costs $14. In the U.S., Kicking Horse sells six premium blends, including 454 Horse Power and Z-Wrangler.

Natural Home tried the 454 Horse Power Dark Roast, which has a smoky, slightly sweet flavor and the Z-Wrangler Medium, which has a sweet, caramel and dark chocolate flavor that’s not too overpowering. For a cold coffee drink, try yours over ice with a little bit of cream for a refreshing cup of joe. A 12.3-ounce can is $11.

The whole-bean coffee comes in a recycled-steel can. The only non-recyclable element of the packaging is an airtight throwaway film to keep the beans fresh.

Kicking Horse Coffee comes from Arabica beans that are shade-grown in bird-friendly environments. Kicking Horse also financially supports the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).

Kicking Horse coffee is available for purchase at one of these locations or online. Once you have your beans at hand, follow Kicking Horse’s step-by-step guide to brewing Kicking Horse coffee at home.

4/9/2014 7:51:54 AM

Although, I have bought from kicking horse coffee before my favorite coffee beans of all time i from Hype Coffee they are an online retailer of coffee beans based in Brough, East Riding of Yorkshire. Try some coffee from there for a change.

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