Save Money at the Gas Pump

Do you know the best ways to save gas? Take this quiz and test your knowledge.

| January/February 2006


With fuel prices at all-time highs, saving gas is a downright necessity. Take this quiz and test your fuel-efficiency savvy.

1. Which actions will not save you money?
a. Use the recommended grade of motor oil
b. Fill up with premium gasoline
c. Don’t top off the tank
d. Tighten the gas cap

2. Driving techniques impact your gas consumption. Which of these will not help?
a. Warm up the car
b. Observe the speed limit
c. Use overdrive gears
d. Drive smoothly

3. True or False? You will always save gas if you turn off the air conditioning.

4. Which form of car maintenance saves gas?
a. Get a tune-up
b. Keep your tires properly inflated
c. Check and replace air filters regularly
d. All of the above


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