guide to green weddings 
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Weddings mark one of the most important days in our lives, but for many, it also marks one of the most expensive. In addition to your pocketbook, weddings can also be hard on the earth. Planning a wedding that fits your budget—but doesn't compromise on your environmental values—doesn't have to be difficult. Find inspiration and resources below, from picking a healthy wedding dress to planning a less-wasteful reception.

Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Natural Nuptials: Eco-Friendly Weddings 

Plan an eco-friendly wedding with these green tips from Michelle Kozin's Organic Weddings: Balancing Ecology, Style and Tradition.

How to Have an Eco-Fabulous Wedding 

Your wedding will mean more—to you, your community and to the earth—if you put extra effort and creativity into making it a green event.