Greening the Democratic National Convention

With more than 17,000 hotel rooms booked in Denver, the 2008 Democratic National Convention is helping keeps its carbon footprint low by having guests use eco-friendly wooden hotel key cards, instead of plastic ones.

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  • Sustainable Cards will produce about 70,000 wooden cards for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.
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One mission of the Democratic convention this year is to have the “most environmentally sustainable convention in modern American history.” The Democratic National Convention is going green by requiring hotels to distribute 100 percent rotary peeled hotel key cards to their guests.

The wood comes from a Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification-certified sustainably managed forest in North America. PEFC assures purchasers of wood and paper products that companies are promoting the sustainable management of forests. The company producing the cards is CPI Card Group, which will produce about 70,000 wooden cards for the convention. CPI Card Group also uses wind power to generate 100 percent of its electricity needs.

The cards have been used in Europe for about 10 years. Tests done by Sustainable Cards suggest that the wooden cards are more eco-friendly because the wood will enrich the soil when it decomposes and are made from 95 percent unaltered organic plant material.

A thin coat of paint also covers the card for durability purposes. See the CPI Card Group’s website for more information on the production of the cards and the company’s green initiatives.

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