How Much Do You Know About Eggs?

Test your knowledge about both the chicken and the egg.

| March/April 2004

  • Photo By Joe Coca

Test your knowledge about both the chicken and the egg.

1. What does it mean if an egg is labeled “organic”?
a) Chickens eat food made without toxic or persistient insecticides, pesticides, genetic engineering, sewage sludge, or animal-derived protein.
b) Chickens move around freely.
c) Chickens are raised without antibiotics, added growth hormones, or genetic modification.
d) The eggs have not been irradiated.
e) All of the above

2. Which of these egg-related labels is verified by third-party inspectors?
a) Free range: Chickens have unrestrained access to the outside world.
b) Cage free: Chickens are not restricted to cages.
c) Free farmed: Poultry was raised with adequate space and comfort, and without unnecessary antibiotics.
d) Natural: Eggs are minimally processed and free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

3 You can dye Easter eggs using food and spices, true or false?

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