Lead Found in 35 Percent of 1,200 U.S. Toys Tested

Results released today of a test of more than 1,200 U.S. toys found that 35 percent contained lead while only 20 percent had no lead or other toxic chemicals.

| November 2007 Web

Results released today on tests of more than 1,200 American toys found that 35 percent contained lead, and many had more than the amount required to recall lead paint. Only 20 percent of the toys tested had no trace of lead or other toxic chemicals, according to the results found in a joint study by the Michigan-based Ecology Center and the national Center for Health, Environment and Justice, along with groups from eight other states. The group tested 1,268 items, 23 of which were on recall lists in 2007. In addition, 17 percent of the lead-containing toys had levels above the federal standard to trigger a lead paint recall—600 parts per million. Lead poisoning can cause irreversible learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children. Read more about this story...  

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