Take It From Me: Green Remodeling Advice

Sage advice from architects, builders and homeowners about ecological remodeling.

| September/October 2004

Remodeling your home may be one of the most satisfying things you ever do—and one of the most challenging. If you add the “green” element to the project, both the joys and frustrations can be intensified. Fortunately, you can learn from those who’ve gone before, minimizing your trials and maximizing the pleasures.

Why should I consider eco-remodeling in the first place?

“We wanted to honor the roots of our traditional 1909 house while integrating it with the lifestyle and technology of today—in the greenest way that’s affordable. We spent half our home-purchase budget on the renovation because it was a mess and nobody had lived in it for years. However, we found remodeling easier than new construction because we weren’t working with a blank slate. We could look beyond the bad paneling, crummy carpet, and cheap fixtures, and see that the basic bones of the house were pretty good.”

homeowner Charles Kingsley, Portland, Oregon

How is eco-remodeling different?

“Ecological remodeling requires forethought. Sourcing most green materials takes longer than just going down to the local building-supply store.

You need to be really clear about what your goals are. If you clarify your priorities at the outset, it will be easier to make good decisions in a timely manner.”

architect Kelly Lerner (see “From Ugly Duckling to Sustainable Swan")

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