Try This: Projects for the Bathroom: Old Window Frame With Pictures

Create your own piece of art by revamping an old window.

| July/August 2003


Window within a window

Natural light in the bathroom is a splendid luxury, but privacy is a necessity. Here’s a simple way to obscure the view in (or out) without blocking valuable light.

Find an interesting old window at a junk store or salvage yard––one with multiple panes works best. Make sure it is several inches smaller than the built-in window you are trying to screen. Give it a quick once-over with sandpaper and a wire brush. Be sure the glass panes are still intact and secure in the frame, and clean them thoroughly.

Next find some interesting pictures from your own collection or from magazines or art books. We used photos with a water theme to honor the element most abundant in the bath. Size the image to fit your window panes. Print or photocopy them on to translucent vellum. Apply paste and position the print on the glass and smooth it into place. Perfection is not necessary; a few creases can add character. Use screw eyes and picture wire to hang the window.

1. Print or copy photos on to translucent paper. We used 100 percent cotton fiber Vellum Tracing Paper from Alvin, available at art stores. Kinko's copy centers also have a transparent paper and can print large scale copies.

2. Thin paste with warm water to the thickness of syrup. We used a great water-based, nontoxic, acid-free paste called Yes! Paint lightly on the back of the transparent print.

elderberry, echinacea, bee hive


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