Green Cars: A Guide to Alternative Energy Cars

Information on gasoline-electric hybrids, battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and biofuels.

| September/October 2003

As we reach the end (we hope!) of the era of gasoline-guzzling, air-polluting vehicles, some new automotive technologies stand out. Here’s what’s coming down the road.

Check out our image gallery for the guide to alternative cars.

ACEEE’s Green Book, by John DeCicco and James Kliesch (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 2003)
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s “Fuel Fact Sheets”
Blue Sun Biodiesel 

2/8/2014 5:31:44 AM

Yes, it is true that Green cars are now the energy saving cars. Yes, we have definitely reached the end of the cars those who provides a lot amount of carbon dioxide gas and pollute the environment. So, the Green cars and electric cars has stand as a solution for the problem and are resulting good in the market. So, Those who are supposed to purchase new cars can go for such green cars and can minimize the pollution level of our environment. And those who have cars that operates with gasoline or petrol and are producing more carbon dioxide gas they must have to go for a and have to get their car repaired.

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