Grow your own food and herbs with the best natural and organic gardening tips.

Fresh Clips: Striking and Savory 'Silver Sabre'

By Caleb Melchior

'Silver Sabre'—a new variety of sage—will make an unusual addition to your garden.

Fresh Clips: Growing Tarragon

By Kris Wetherbee

French tarragon has a complex flavor and smells of anise and licorice.

The Garnish Garden: Growing Edible Flowers

By Ellen Ecker Ogden

Edible flowers are both beautiful and functional. Learn how to grow your own garnish garden with these tips from author Ellen Ecker Ogden.

Garden Soil Problems and Solutions

By Teri Dunn Chace

Read about different garden soil problems and how to fix them, from aerating compacted soil to dealing with waterlogged ground.


Attract Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden

By Vicki Mattern

For all-natural pest control, encourage beneficial bugs (the kind that like to eat garden pests) to alight on your plot of land.

Lavender Plant Love & Obsession

By Sarah Berringer Bader

Discover which lavender plant best suits your garden, and add one of our mouth-watering lavender recipes to your cookbook.

Grow a Butterfly Garden

By Natural Home & Garden Staff

Plant a butterfly garden to attract all kinds of native pollinators to your yard and enjoy a diversity of wildlife, colorful blooms and natural pest control.

Wildlife Fencing: How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garden

By Marty Wingate

Learn how to keep animals out of your garden with wildlife fencing such as tree guards, bird netting and wire rabbit fencing.