Grow your own food and herbs with the best natural and organic gardening tips.

3 Ancient Plants that Changed the Course of History

By Bill Laws

Learn why three ancient plants—hemp, eucalyptus and the opium poppy—are some of the most influential plants known to mankind.

Botanical Images: 9 Divine Color Combinations

By Ken Druse, Photographs by Ellen Hoverkamp

This slideshow of botanical images demonstrates garden color combinations based on color theory, diverse species and bloom time. 

A California Garden for All Seasons

By Carol Venolia

Designed to mimic nature, a native California garden waxes and wanes with the changing of the seasons.

Start an Organic Backyard Vineyard

By Tom Powers

Learn how to grow grapes and why an organic backyard vineyard may be right for your home.


What’s Wrong with My Herbs: How to Grow Rosemary

By Tina Marie Wilcox

Respond to rosemary woes with ease. Our expert advises two readers with fading rosemary plants.

Herb to Know: What is Chia Seed?

By Gina DeBacker

This tiny seed is packed with nutrients our bodies crave, like fiber and omega fatty acids.

Fresh Clips: The Enchanted Herb Garden of the Washington National Cathedral

By Mary Fran McQuade

Take a journey into the past via the captivating medieval herb garden of the Washington National Cathedral.

A Budget-Friendly Guide to Organic Fertilizer and Soil Amendments

By Maureen Gilmer

Budget and time contraints can limit our choices when it comes to organic fertilizer and soil amendments. Feed your garden the nutrients it needs with these low-cost options.