Grow your own food and herbs with the best natural and organic gardening tips.

12 Herbs for the Colonial Garden

By Jeanne Grunert

The Colonial hern garden served as the apothecary, perfumery and spice rack for the average household. Create your own Colonial garden with our help; discover which herbs to include.

Fresh Clips: 3 Ways to Talk To Your Doctor About Plant Medicine

By Allison Martin

Here are some tips so that you can you talk to your doctor about using herbs as part of a comprehensive health plan.

Fresh Clips: Winter Over Seasonal Sage

By Kris Wetherbee

When it comes to winter foods, sage is a perfect match; it’s one of the best herbs to winter over indoors.  

Round Robin: Notes from Newberg, Oregon

By Andy Van Hevelingen

A regional herb gardener relates his experience with growing herbs in a greenhouse.


Round Robin: Notes from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

By Jo Ann Gardner

Jo Ann Gardner shares her winter in Nova Scotia.

Round Robin: Notes from Lansing, New York

By Elisabeth Sheldon

Elisabeth Sheldon shares her exotic blooms in the windy spring.

Garden Spaces: Grow These Herbs for Dought and Humidity

By Kathleen Halloran

Use our garden plan that we created to help one Alabama-based gardener grow herbs in a difficult climate.

Plant Pretty, Drought-Tolerant Herbs

By Kathleen Halloran

Mediterranean herbs can flourish in climates with periods of drought and humidity with well-drained soil.