Grow your own food and herbs with the best natural and organic gardening tips.

Round Robin: Note from Lansing, New York

By Elisabeth Sheldon

A New York gardener cooks with herbs and seasoning blends from all over the world.

Round Robin: Note from Denver, Colorado

Rob Proctor

A Colorado gardener suggests garden party ideas for year round fun.

Just Ask: Is Urban Garden Soil Contaminated?

By Umbra Fish

Eco-expert Umbra Fisk dishes the dirt on whether or not urban soil is safe for food gardening.

Green Your Thumb with Heirloom Seeds Companies

By Natural Home Staff

Plant heirloom seeds to help preserve endangered plant varieties.


Visual Plant Guide: Grow These Herbs In Your Colonial Garden

By The Herb Companion staff

Add these 29 herbs to your garden to create a Colonial-inspired oasis.

Featured Garden: Colonial Williamsburg

By Letitia L. Star

Explore (and see how to cultivate) culinary, medicinal and household Colonial herbs.

Garden Spaces: Plans for a Colonial Garden

By Kathleen Halloran

Use this garden plan to create an even, geometric-shaped Colonial garden.

Garden Spaces: Create a Colonial Garden

By Kathleen Halloran

Go old-school with a useful, water-saving Colonial front garden.