Grow your own food and herbs with the best natural and organic gardening tips.

Steven Foster's Favorite Trees

By Steven Foster

Approximately 2,500 tree species thrive in North America; more than 600 are native. Discover these classic trees.

How to Plant a Tree

By Stevie Daniels

Planting a tree requires more than digging. Learn the proper technique for returning a tree to the earth.

Picking the Perfect Plants for Your Sustainable Garden

By Stephen Orr

It's time to shake off our outmoded ideas about what plants make a good garden and think about what kinds of garden plants are suitable for where and how you live.

Design an Edible Landscape: Turn Your Front Yard Into a Beautiful Edible Garden

By Ivette Soler

Design a beautiful edible front yard with the basic principles of good garden design: structure, repetition, form, texture and color.


Round Robin: The Myth of Hardiness Zones

By Rob Proctor

According to one gardening expert, the USDA plant hardiness zone recommendations may have little to do with which plants thrive in your garden.

Round Robin: Planting A Wedding Tree

By Geraldine Laufer

Fall garden work and a romantic planting endeavor.

Sowing Seeds: A Guide to Starting and Planting Seeds

By Andrea Bellamy

Planting seeds is simple, but knowing when to plant them requires a bit more thought. Get your garden off to a good start with advice on starting and sowing seeds.

Reconnecting Kids to Nature: The Benefits of School Gardens

By Arden Bucklin-Sporer and Rachel Kathleen Pringle

More and more commonly children stay inside sitting in front of computers or video games, exploring virtual reality instead of playing and exploring out of doors. School gardens provide a space for students to reconnect to the ecology around them and learn about natural systems that support life on our planet.