Grow your own food and herbs with the best natural and organic gardening tips.

Herb Gardening Tips For Beginners: The Best Herbs to Grow From Seeds

By Pat Herkal

Plant these herbs and watch them grow from a seedling to a plant...

Centuries of Cretan Herbs: Large Lima Beans with Sage

By Nancy Allison

Discover the unique flavors of Cretan cuisine in your very own kitchen.

Centuries of Cretan Herbs

By Nancy Allison

Learn about the history behind the herbs of Crete.

Centuries of Cretan Herbs: The Beautiful Landscape of Crete

By Nancy Allison

Experience Crete as if you were there right now...


Gardening Tips: Build a Three-Level Planter

By Maureen Heffernan

This three-tiered planter is a great way to grow an abundance of herbs in a small space.

The Benefits of Natural Swimming Pools

By Michael Littlewood

Converting a conventional swimming pool to a natural one is easier than you would think – and infinitely rewarding.

Small Green Roofs: Ancaya Garden Shed

By Nigel Dunnett, Dusty Gedge, John Little and Edmund C. Snodgrass

This small green roof on a garden shed in Raleigh, North Carolina, demonstrates how green roofs reduce stormwater runoff, aid in natural cooling and attract native birds and pollinators.

"Be Mine" With An Herbal Valentine: The History of Valentine's Day

By The Herb Companion Staff

Learn how this magical day of love began.