Grow your own food and herbs with the best natural and organic gardening tips.

Garden Maintenance Methods: Weeding Tools for the Herb Garden

By Tammi Hartung

There are several tools that I feel are invaluable in the task of weeding:  

Garden Maintenance Methods: Keep Weeds Under Control

By Tammi Hartung

Instead of resisting weeding, embrace it as the caretaking your garden needs to thrive.

Befriending Tenacious Thyme

By Caleb Melchior

Intrepid and never timid, this aromatic plant is a good friend in the garden and the kitchen.

Fresh Clips: How to Dry Herbs at Home

By Samantha Collins

Preserve the flavors of your herb garden all year by using the ancient practice of drying.  


Love Weeds, Despite Their Bad Reputation

By Richard Mabey

From dandelions to poison ivy, stinging nettles to crabgrass, weeds are familiar, pervasive, widely despised and seemingly invincible. How did they come to be the villains of the natural world?

Rock Roses: How To Landscape with Rock Roses

By Andy Van Hevelingen

Learn how to incorporate this plant into your yard...

Rock Roses: The Culture of Rock Roses

By Andy Van Hevelingen

Learn where this plant got its name, where it thrives best, and more...

Herb Gardening Tips For Beginners: The Best Herbs to Plant From Plants

By Pat Herkal

Learn which herbs are best to plant as divisions or as plants