Grow your own food and herbs with the best natural and organic gardening tips.

Fresh Clips: Historic, White Gardens

By Lauren Holt

Discover the Silvers Cult, a gardening craze that was prevalent in the mid-1900s, when gray and white single-color gardens were a popular design theme.

In Basket: November 2011

By The Herb Companion staff

Our readers are always writing to us and asking us questions about herbs. Read some of our favorite letters from the November 2011 issue.

Garden Fashion

By Leah A. Zeldes

Some tips on what to wear in the garden for the best experience possible.

Herb Basics: Deciphering the Botanical Name

By The Herb for Health Staff

The Linnaeus classification system can help gardeners identify specific herb varieties.


Eat Your Yard! How to Design an Edible Landscape

By Rosalind Creasy

Convert a resource-guzzling lawn into a lovely, money-saving edible landscape.

Try This at Home: Herbal Bouquet

By The Herb Companion staff

Pick a beautiful bouquet right out of your own herb garden.

Garden Spaces: Grow These Plants for the Easiest Garden Ever

By Kathleen Halloran

These nine no-fuss herbs will assert their independence while you kick up your feet.  

Garden Spaces: Plant the Easiest Garden Ever

By Kathleen Halloran

When life intrudes on your hobby, try this garden plan to ease the workload.