Grow your own food and herbs with the best natural and organic gardening tips.

Grow a Garden with Healing Herbs and Plants

By K.C. Compton

Plant healing herbs and plants to find good health just outside your door.

Self-Seeding Plants for a Low-Maintenance Garden

By Barbara Pleasant

Learn to manage vigorous self-seeding plants and you’ll never have to buy seeds again.

Winter Garden Design: Plants for a Four-Season Landscape

By Jessica Kellner

Enhance your garden by showcasing the subtle beauty of the winter landscape with the best winter plants.

9 Essential Garden Tools for Your Shed

By Natural Home & Garden Staff

Stock your garden shed with these nine essential garden tools.


Gardening Tasks for Late Fall

By Harriet Fasenfest

Even though it's late fall, there is still plenty to do in your garden. Now is the time to plant your fall cover crops, sow garlic and shallots, harvest the last of your tomatoes, make compost and more.

The Goods on Growing Aloe

By Kathleen Halloran

Growing aloe is easy, and the fascinating aloe genus is a boon to beginners. 

Garden Spaces: Grow These Herbs for Health in Your Immune System Strengthening Herb Garden

By Kathleen Halloran

Plant these eight herbs for health to kick-start your garden and your body. 

Garden Spaces: Grow an Immune System Strengthening Herb Garden

By Kathleen Halloran

This immune system strengthening herb garden plan can help you sail heartily through winter.