Stunning Winter Blossoms That Bring Drama and Nourishment for Pollinators

By Aislin Suparak Gibson, Houzz

Plant now for blooms in winter and early spring that will feed pollinators. As a bonus, these beauties are easy to care for, since they’re well-acclimated to cold temperatures. Their dramatic foliage and vivid colors make them a mysterious and bold color splash for fall and throughout the holidays.

winter blossoms
Terra Nova Nurseries Inc, original photo on Houzz

Onyx Odyssey hellebore (Helleborus x hybridus Winter Jewels Onyx Odyssey)

Pollinators and bees eagerly seek nourishing blooms to help them survive the winter. Some bumblebee species with furry coats may forage for food well into the winter months. Honeybees venture from the hive on rare, warm days when the temperatures are above 55 degrees Fahrenheit, or 13 degrees Celsius, to search for nectar and pollen.

Here are a few plants that grow in a variety of regions, are tough enough to survive the cold, and complement native plantings by blooming during the lean winter and early-spring months.