Your Ultimate Guide to Organizing the Garden Shed

By Jennifer Christgau-Aquino, Houzz

The sun’s shining and your garden’s calling, but you’ve got to get to your tools first. If you have a garden shed, lucky you. But if it looks anything like mine, you might start thinking that your weeds are more attractive than the prospect of climbing over rakes, brooms and shovels to reach your implements. Here’s how to get your shed back in shape.

Project: Organize your shed Time: Half a day

Tip: It’s important that everyone who uses the space be part of the task, says Jennifer Dusina of Organized Living, a company that specializes in custom organization tools for the home, garage and storage units. This way, the whole family participates in deciding what to keep and where those things are supposed to go.

garden shed
Studio Shed, original photo on Houzz

Evaluate Your Needs